Ofsted’s 3 legal requirements for giving medication to children

An Ofsted factsheet “Giving medication to children in registered childcare” (July 2010) and the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Statutory Framework (May 2008) identifies 3 legal requirements for giving medication to children:

  • have, and put into practice, an effective policy on giving medicines to children in your setting, which must include effective systems to support children with medical needs
  • keep written records of all medicines you give to children, and tell parents about these records; and
  • get written permission from parents for every medicine before you give any medication

I am going to talk about the last requirement, getting written permission from parents.Your medication policy should require each medicine you administer to have a signed parental agreement form.  This form records details about the medicine in a standard format, including dosage, timings and method of administration.  Some methods of administering medicine may require special training for your staff.

We provide all the medicine forms you should need within our Medilert software application but to help you get started with your procedures, you can download and use our Parental Agreement To Administer Medicine Form for free.  If you open the form in Adobe Reader, you can type data straight into the form and save it or print it out for your needs.

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About Colin Johnson

Director of Business Systems at Medilert, I love everything about managing medicines (did I say that out loud?)


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